The SAT Program

Program Levels

SAT is made up of three levels, each of two years duration: Promoter, Practitioner, and “Bachiller” in Rural Well-Being. Each level is comprehensive in the sense that the graduates are able to carry out activities of varying degrees of complexity in their own communities. The Promoter, for example, is able to improve the production within his or her own units of production or those of his or her neighbors. The Practitioner, as well as possessing the previous capability, can organize different types of activities for the common weal (health, environmental, and recreational projects, work with children, production in solidarity groups). These two levels are legally recognized as valid for the basic secondary level of education. In the “Bachiller” level, the graduates are trained to participate in more complex organizations and develop long-term initiatives in productive and organizational fields.

SAT Pyramid - 3 Study Levels