The SAT Program

Political – Administrative Model

FUNDAEC and its partner institutions that work with the SAT continue to refine the administrative model of the program which, up to now, documents the organization’s experience and secures public and private sector support on local and regional levels. The following figures illustrate the two organizational levels which ensure that with increased expansion, the SAT maintains its original purpose, that of becoming a motor for the development of the rural regions. The first level is made up of the various NGOs that use SAT in a given municipality. The second level comprises the regional actors who participate in the project’s planning, financing, and implementation—namely, FUNDAEC, the Centro Universitario de Bienestar Rural, the education department, and representatives of the various NGOs. They come together in a consultative committee, which, as its name shows, is not concerned with decision-making per se, but rather with the laying down of general guidelines and policy for the program’s functioning in the region. The bilateral relations between FUNDAEC and the NGOs and the education department are maintained as well.