The SAT Program

Organizational Structure

The System is comprised of five fundamental elements:
  • The SAT Group

Is the organization of youth and adults from one or various villages, in groups of about 20 people, who come together to further their secondary level education with the help of a tutor.

  • The Tutor

Acts as a guide, animator, and facilitator of learning. He or she is generally a secondary-school graduate (or with the equivalent educational experience) who begins a training process with the program; subsequently, many tutors complement their higher education at FUNDAEC’s Centro Universitario de Bienestar Rural or at a similar university in their home region.

SAT Tutor Training
  • Field Coordination

Is the responsibility of the institution that incorporates the SAT into its development efforts. The coordination is usually carried out by an inter-disciplinary team which includes educators and professionals, some of whom necessarily have experience in the areas of agricultural and animal production.

It is the coordinators’ task to support and guide the tutor’s efforts, and collaborate with the regional institution in the administration and management of the program.

  • The Development or Educational Institution in Charge of the Program at the Local Level

Is committed to the search for one or more aspects of well-being of the rural communities. It establishes a partnership with FUNDAEC to work together for the regions’ autochthonous development. This relationship is formalized through a covenant.

The institution carries out investigations to improve and adapt the curricular content, follows up on the program’s academic and practical activities, and secures financial and other support from municipal and departmental governments.


FUNDAEC’s chief function within this organizational scheme is to systematize the knowledge that is generated, concerning both technical as well as program management aspects, and come up with ways to incorporate this learning into the various dimensions of the process. In the covenant, FUNDAEC authorizes the use of its texts, offers training to tutors and administrators, and provides advisory support throughout the use of the program.

    SAT Organizational Structure

    * Trains Tutors
    * Advises Coordinating Team
    * Writes and Updates Texts
    * Coordinates Evaluation Process
    * Systematizes and shares the global process

    ** Funds the Program in the Region
    ** Administers and Coordinates Organizational and Pedagogical Activities
    ** Creates strategies for the program’s official recognition