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It is customary to think of the creation of an institution in terms of exact definitions of objectives and goals, of the organigrams, procedures, and operative systems. For FUNDAEC, all these organizational arrangements would have to evolve in action and did not need to be formulated according to the day’s fashionable theories of organizational development. As a first step, the group of founders embarked on a long consultative process that would allow them to reach a minimum degree of unity of thought on a series of concepts and principles, which would in turn orient their search for alternative paths of development.

  1. Consider the people as potential resources, not as problems
  2. Develop human potential through a proper education that acknowledges and promotes human nobility
  3. Work for a development that is not conceived as "Modernization"
  4. Engage in the search for pertinent knowledge
  5. Avoid offering "pre-packaged" solutions
  6. Recognize the need for endogenous structures in the region that would connect it to corresponding external structures