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2000-present: New Dimensions

Covers of the New SAT Texts

With the advent of a new century, there is a rising sense of concern as to the nature of education that future generations will receive, and many expectant eyes are turned to FUNDAEC and its programs.

The SAT program continues to expand on national and international fronts and a plan for the revision of its texts has been formalized and is well under way, beginning with the Promoter Level. The CUBR continues promoting new batches of rural teachers, and has begun a process of self-evaluation in order both to improve its programs and to meet the Ministry of Education’s requirement given to all faculties of education in order to receive definitive legal recognition.

FUNDAEC has begun to respond to a number of requests from academic and development institutions on both national and international levels, interested in learning methodically about the philosophy and concepts that orient and buttress the UDI. It has thus begun to offer concise formal courses covering these topics, using as reference its experience of three decades. (Article on course recently offered in Toronto.)