The SAT Program


The “Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial”, SAT, is a formal—but flexible—educational program that arose from FUNDAEC’s efforts initiated in 1974, aimed at contributing to the progress of rural communities. The System has developed a methodology which makes it possible for any individual—youth or adult—from the most remote rural region to have access to a secondary-level education par excellence. The creative manner in which the benefits of learning are shared is complemented by a content which, also in an imaginative manner, organizes the relevant knowledge—much of which is generated through the actions carried out by FUNDAEC in the varied areas of rural development.

SAT Group in El Placer, 1982
 From this it can be seen that the SAT did not arise as an isolated educational program, but rather took form within a wider effort for holistic development, alongside a search for alternatives for primary and secondary production and community organization schemes that would not only ensure the communities’ economic development, but also their continuous progress.

Today the program is widely recognized in the fields of education and development, and is completely approved by the Colombian Ministry of Education and other regional bodies. The SAT has also gained approval by the educational authorities in Honduras and Guatemala.

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